The main purpose of this project is to share the members of European Union countries’ (Portugal, Lithuania, England), the new members of European Union countries’ (Bulgaria, Romania) and waiting to become a member of the European Union country’s (Turkey) experiences over active learning based science education methods. According to this general purpose, the sub purposes related the main purposes are fallows;
1. To share experience between 29 teachers and 238 pupils over active learning methods in science education such as informal activities, ICT application etc. in science education,
2. To develop active based science activities (30 minimum) which can be applied in every class condition,
3. To examine the application steps of active learning methods and techniques which teachers and pupils used in the science courses,
4. To identify the roles of the students, teachers and school authorities in active learning environments,
5. To share the pupils, the teachers and the school authorities’ experiences on the order of the science courses’ active learning environment.
6. To improve pupils (10-14 years old) knowledge, understanding and skills by fully integrating the project into each schools curriculum and by the extensive use of information technology to share both process and outcome.

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