Description of the Project
Every country in the aspect of the general goals of their education, they generate specific educational programmes to train the pupils to the aimed level. One of these programmes is science education programme.
In recent years the researches that has being done over which learning methods should be used, how they should be used, how to determine the ways the pupils learn science in a more effective way support  the pupils knowledge in a way of making them do more researches. As a result of these researches, the main idea that masters is the pupils learn science better if the learning process is based on researching and pupil centred. (Schneider 2001). Also the pupils should be stimulated to improve their up-most thinking skills; to write and talk over what has been learnt according to the nature of learning science and technology as the nature of the learning process is an active period. (Dodge, 1996)
In this work, with a research group consisted of the members of the E.U., the new members of the E.U. and the candidates of the E.U. will share their best experiences about the methods and the techniques of teaching science, the usage of these techniques and methods, the importance of the school , the teachers, the pupils roles and the teaching environment in this concept.


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